IMPORTANT: Handling Orders Locked in Processing

You can start reselling Products/Services only once you have deposited funds in your Debit Account with Verve Logic LLP. It is recommended that you always maintain a healthy balance in your Account to ensure smooth processing of all your Orders.

Once an Order is executed (i.e., once the Customer has paid for it, or it has been Executed without Payment), if You (or your Sub-Resellers) do not have enough funds to pay for it, the Order would remain Locked in Processing. In such cases, Verve Logic LLP sends you a daily email notification (to the Billing Email address you have specified in your Contact Information) with a list of Orders that are stuck. For all such Orders, you have two options available in the Order Details view within your Control Panel:

  • Retry - The system periodically performs a check on all Orders that are stuck due to lack of funds, and executes them. However, once sufficient funds have been added, you can force immediate execution of the Order using the Retry button.

  • Cancel - Use this option if, for any reason, you do not wish to process the Order at all.