G Suite administrators guide

As an administrator of G Suite, you will need to add users, activate their accounts, create mailing lists, configure email clients and much more.  Below is a list of resources to help you administer your account and complete these tasks.


You can add new users, manage passwords,grant admin privileges and control which services and features are available to different users.

Add and Manage Users


A group is a mailing list. It allows you to  invite your team to meetings, or share documents with them using a single address.

Add and Manage Groups

Domain Aliases

You can give everyone in your primary domain an email address at another domain, by adding a domain alias. They can then send and receive emails at both the primary and the alias address.

Add and Manage Domain Aliases

Catch-All Address

A catch-all address is created to ensure that messages that are accidentally addressed to an incorrect email address for a domain can still be received.

Add and Manage Catch-ALL Addresses

Mobile and Desktop clients.

With G Suite, you can configure email clients on your Desktop as well as your Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices.

Add and Manage Mobile and Desktop Email Clients